Proof Piscatus 3D Seabed Classification Works!

Proof Piscatus 3D Seabed Classification Works!

Piscatus 3D Helps To Find Record Breaking Catch.

Skipper Mike Sharp MFV Lady T Emiel grabbed back the port of Brixham's record catch on Monday with a record breaking catch of £63,500.00 snatching back the record that had been taken from him on the previous Friday.

Skipper Mike Sharp said Piscatus 3D / TMQ C-Plot MAXPro interfaced with RoxAnn GD undoubtedly gave him a huge advantage as he located his record breaking catch.

Piscatus 3D is the worlds highest resolution 3D Seabed Mapping system with its BathymetryNow TM technology gives you instant updates of small channels and gullies, what separated Piscatus 3D from the competition is not just the face it stores the data in such high resolution (2m grids) the vertical scale can detect changes in the seabed up to 0.1m Piscatus 3D allows you to select from a broad range of colours allowing you to spot channels and gullies rival systems miss, Skipper Mike Sharp commented "We were steaming and Piscatus 3D updated the seafloor display to show a small 0.5m gully, at 1st i thaught it was an error but after a few passes it had mapped the gully out, we fished the gully and our catch was of High Value Dover Sole, I have mapped out areas of ground I thought I knew like the back of my hand from looking at the sonar but Piscatus 3D have given me a new view of my fishing grounds no other system has been able to offer me."

Piscatus 3D Showing a seabed classification map created using a Furuno FCV-1100L interfaced with RoxAnn GD.

The Lady T was the 1st commercial beam trawler in the UK to be fitted with TMQ C-Plot MAX running the brand new MAXPro charts from C-Map, the new MAXPro charts offer very high resolution data and are excellently priced currently C-Plot MAX is the only system designed for the commercial fishing market and can convert data from MaxSea, Fishmaster and Transas.

Murray Marine Ltd. can convert most data formats on our premises. TMQ C-Plot MAX can display ARPA and AIS targets without the need for extra modules.

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