Hermes Multiplexor Launches

We are delighted to announce sales of the new Hermes MM-A Multiplexor to Global Contractor Oceaneering International.

Hermes is a ‘State-of-the-Art’ hardwired communications multiplexor for data transmission through 8 bi-directional channels over a single twisted pair. Data communication capability over the cable is 230kbaud in either RS232 or RS485 modes as selected or switched by the operator.

Although initially designed for the Sonavision suite of sensors, the communication link will easily carry communications to and from any other serial devices.

In addition to being used on copper umbilicals, Hermes MM-A has the added advantage of being able to bundle a number of serial devices for transmission over a single channel of fibre which will both free up capacity and allow operators to build in redundancy.

Set up of the data link is simple and achieved via USB at the surface. A PC based program allows the user to set up channels for format, baud rate & priority. Additionally, the Hermes can be supplied with hardware to distribute and switch power supplies via one channel to a total of 7 sensors.

Hermes is available as an OEM kit comprising 2 PCBs and software for integration into existing systems (both PCBs are identical, thus reducing cost of spares back up).

We can also supply the system in a ‘plug and play’ format comprising Topside Distribution Module and 1000m, 3000m & 6000m pressure rated underwater housings.

Alasdair Murrie, International Distribution Manager for Sonavision Ltd, explained: “This is an exciting development with excellent potential across the whole ROV industry. Not only are, the major ‘fibre only’ contractors talking to us about the Hermes MM-A but also ROV Manufacturers and small to medium size operators. The system is competitively priced which therefore also makes it a realistic option for the small one vehicle operator who is using numero.